Section 9 Complaint Form 

Section 9 of the USOPC Bylaws provides a process by which an athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator or other official may file a complaint with the USOPC against a National Governing Body alleging that he/she has been denied, or threatened to be denied, with the opportunity to participate in a Protected Competition, as defined in the USOPC Bylaws. 


Complaints may be either filed electronically on the form below, or through email submission of this form to with a cc to

For more information on rights under Section 9, to seek advice regarding the opportunity to participate, or for assistance in mediating disputes, athletes may contact the Athlete Ombuds at 719.866.5000 or, or visit

THE CLAIMANT: (the individual bringing the complaint)
(note: If there is more than one claimant, please list all claimants’ names in the first line and complete contact information for primary claimant.)

THE RESPONDENT: (the sports organization alleged to have the denied the claimant(s) the opportunity to participate in protected competition - email address of CEO is required)
(note: the email address of the Respondent must be entered correctly in order to satisfy serving the Respondent)

Please list the competition(s) that is the subject of the complaint:


When you click Submit, this form will be sent to the USOPC CEO, with copies to USOPC Dispute Resolution, the Athlete Ombudsman and the Chair of the Team USA Athletes' Commission (formerly the Athletes' Advisory Council). It will also be automatically served upon the respondent with the email address provided above. 

Any questions concerning this form or the filing of a complaint may be directed to the USOPC Dispute Resolution Unit at